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Our highly trained team are knowledgeable, dedicated and easy to work with. You can rest assured and focus on your business while we look after the details.


With several partners all over Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad we suit your unique supply chain and find you the best available value.


Our in depth industry experience enables us to quickly navigate complex logistics scenarios and provide the best solutions for you.


Supply Chain Solutions

Simply moving goods from one point to another is not enough anymore in this day and age. People now expect optimized supply chain solutions which we provide.

Supply Chain Solution

Last Mile Delivery

The biggest concern of supply chains and e-commerce is to get large amounts of products to the consumers in lesser time and cost. Last-mile delivery is one of the fastest-growing industries, all over India

Warehouse Management

Are you looking to reduce costs and maximise productivity by outsourcing your warehousing or inventory management logistics? Warehouse management is a crucial component of any supply chain, so when it comes to investing in a solution

Supply Chain Monitoring

Are you struggling to qualify an ever-increasing number of contractors and suppliers in your organisation? Are you looking to mitigate risk and improve safety? If so, it's time to consider a supply chain monitoring solution for your business

Security Solutions

We provide reliable world-class security solutions for your business to ensure you have peace of mind. We maintain a visible security presence tailored to suit your specific security requirements

Security Solutions

Experienced Manpower

An alarm, CCTV or access control system is necessary and effective for many organisations. But, it cannot understand human behaviour, while a security guard can

Industrial Security

Today, Industries face the threat of Internal fraud, theft by employees, misappropriation of cash, industrial espionage, damage, sabotage, fire mishaps, accidental damage etc..

Corporate Security

Our corporate security guards protect property, assets, and people 24/7 through maintaining a high visibility presence in corporates.

Facilities Management

We deliver essential and efficient facilities management services to organisations across a variety of sectors. Our approach ensures we develop tailored solutions to all your needs.

Facilities Management

Waste Management and Recycling

We provide a one-stop-shop for all your recycling and waste requirements that work for you. This includes integrating consultancy, management and operational service to deliver the best waste solutions

Grounds Maintenance

First impressions are lasting impressions especially in business and professional life. When it comes to organisations, in most cases this is your surroundings and gardens

Pest control

Pest infestations like insects, termites, mosquitoes, bed bugs, rats etc are always a nuisance in conducting business efficiently


Our promise is to connect to a brighter future by building long lasting relationships and ties across India with all our stakeholders


Connecting businesses and communities to a brighter future with the help of efficient logistics.


To become india’s most preferred logistics company and to create sustainable growth for business and society



We invest in the best talent to understand our customer’s needs and challenges to stay better connected


Everything we do is keeping in mind our long term goals. Our focus on quality service is the cornerstone of our success.


We are constantly finding better ways of working together as a team for the success of our business